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Frequently Asked Questions

How should I wash my brushes? 

Washing your brushes is a crucial part of owning them, so thank you for asking! We've made up a blog post detailing exactly how to do this. You can check it out here.

HELP! Some of the bristles on my brush are coming out!!!

At Brush Huis, we promise quality and only want the best for you and your brushes. All of our brushes undergo proficient quality control to make sure you get the best of the bunch, however sometimes human error can occur. 

As Brush Huis brushes are synthetic, the bristles on your brush should not break, however as there are thousands and thousands of them, it's only natural for a few to fall out here and there. This is completely normal and to be expected. In saying this, it should only be a few, and it should only happen rarely. If you're concerned that too many hairs are coming loose, please get in touch with us and we'll look into this.

When are you releasing more brushes?

Glad you asked! We are currently working on some new designs for brushes and we endeavour to have them in stock over the coming months. We appreciate your support, we just know you'll adore our new brushes once they arrive.