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The Brush Huis Story - From An Idea To A Reality

Makeup. We love it, and it's everywhere.

And honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way. From blue eye-shadow at school dances to red lipstick on a first date, makeup has been by my side since before I knew how to use it. Tough gig that was, learning how to use makeup. What goes where? Am I wearing too much? Am I wearing too little? What do you mean I can't wear fake eyelashes to school?

My first memory of makeup dates back to primary school when I was an avid dancer, road tripping to eisteddfods all over Queensland with my Mum and older sister. With performances all year round, there was never a shortage of blush or mascara in our household and the smell of my mothers Estee Lauder lipstick is something I will literally never forget. Amongst the chaos of competitions, a dancers backstage dressing room was a magical beauty oasis. Hairspray filled the air as colourful costumes hung from the racks, glitter scattered the floor and every chair in the room was occupied by a young girl with her mother drawing on her eyebrows. And it was over those years that my own appreciation and love for the art of makeup developed. 

As I grew older, makeup slowly (but surely) became increasingly relevant to my every day life. It was no longer reserved for special over-the-top occasions, and my collection of products grew significantly. I didn't have five items in my little perspex bag anymore, I had seven. And then there were 10, and now my collection has grown so much I have to dedicate hours of my time to sift through it and throw out the old stuff. Although, I confess: I definitely still have a set of rainbow eyelashes that I couldn't possibly get rid of, maybe ever. Am I obsessed? Possibly. I feel no shame.

But amongst all of the products and the tutorials over the years, I never once put as much thought into the brushes. Oh, the brushes! The universally fundamental tool for any makeup user. They just never seemed as important as the new release highlighter, so they slipped under my radar for years and when I finally noticed them, I realised I'd been applying my makeup with a flimsy, stiff brush set I got for free with a magazine. And I am so. embarrassed. to admit that.

I deserved better. My makeup deserved better! So I set off on a mission to do better.

I wasn't sure what I needed so I started where most people would start: Google. I searched for the top brands at different price points, gained a rough idea of what I used vs what I needed, and started browsing. To put it bluntly, I was completely underwhelmed. Having only found a very small range of options offered only by a few select brands, I figured that I must've missed something and continued my search in-store, however was still disappointed by the lack of focus and attention given to makeup brushes by the beauty giants. I was testing and trying what was on offer, but all I was feeling was thin and/or malting, and the few that I liked (or saw fit to fulfil their duties) were going to set me back hundreds of dollars for a basic set. Ain't nobody got time for that. 

Something that I perceived to be so attainable, apparently wasn't so. I needed something (or someone!) to meet me in the middle, and I knew that my fellow make-up lovers did too. Cue months upon months of research, emails & samples, I strived to curate a collection that promised quality. Gradually perfecting each brush and ensuring all products reached their absolute potential, almost exactly 1 year later, Brush Huis was born. 

Brush Huis was here for me when I needed it, and now it is here for you. Created and designed by a modern consumer with modern needs, the Brush Huis Essentials Collection is the first of many, and promises you quality for a price you would never expect.

Try for yourself. Join the Brush Huis family and discover the difference.